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Foundation Rico-Jay To America
Rico Jay to America

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Foundation Rico Jay to America is a foundation for the benefit of Rico-Jay, a boy of eight years, and to give him a better life through treatment at Children's Hospital in Boston.                

A life without pain and like any other boy of his age can play, romp and play sports.
December 2013 there was an ileostomy created because Rico-Jay's intestines were so clogged that even flushing was no option anymore.
Rico Jay has an Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, various digestive problems and dolichocolon, a rare bowel disorder, which is still in his fragile body.
Recently, there is a diagnosis arrived at Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a rare disorder of connective tissue.

He is only one of 30 patients in 20 years who underwent ileostomy is constructed for a dolichocolon.
That said, there is little to no material for comparison.

Children's Hospital believes that they can help Rico-Jay.
This procedures that need to be done and travelling requires a lot of money. Because the insurance will only reimburse Dutch standards.
For Rico-Jay, the insurance will only reimburses 1500 euros for the suggested treatment by Children’s hospital, which is very inadequate to meet the estimated bill of Children's Hospital.
The first bill of € 35.000, - relates to a 6-numerous studies which are needed in order to achieve the proper treatment.

This note is already paid and we're waiting fot the date we can come to Boston :-) 

The final note for the treatment / surgery will ultimately be a multiple of the first note.
It is therefore that the 'Foundation Rico Jay-To America' created.

Please keep supporting Rico-Jay!

The foundation aims to:
A. collecting money to pay for medical treatment and care in order to create a better life for Rico-Jay.
B. Perform all further actions, which are related to the foregoing or may be conducive.
The foundation is a non-profit organization.

* Because now we have the experience and know the right ways to raise funds for the foundation, after we raise the funds for Rico –Jay’s treatment, we will continue to help other existing foundations and will work for similar patients with severe digestive problems in combination with or caused by a dolichocolon.
In the meantime, two other patients with a range of serious symptoms, in combination with a dolichocolon are identified.

Rico-Jay Foundation

Every euro helps!
Rico-Jay is extremely grateful for your support and / or donation.
KVK 64307530
Direct deposit to the foundation:
NL87 INGB 0007 0516 15

Attn: Foundation Rico Jay To America
or by links below


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Thank   You

Donated: € 48.041,16

Interview with Rico-Jay’s sister, Renée Denise in which he talks about his life.

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